We set out yesterday to Tarryall Reservoir, as we had heard from local Colorado Division of Wildlife employee that a 42 inch Northern Pike was caught two days ago near the grass at the river inlet by a fly fisherman. I have heard of these monsters and have seen the picutres of them being pulled out of this reservoir but until i pull mine out I can’t believe it. We have been studying Pike and their like and dislikes, what are some top baits and techniques to catching your trophy. I have had succes with 4″ Bass Pros Tourney Minnow-Ghost Spook, 4″/6″Husky Jerk-GMN-Glass Minnow and 3″ XPS Single Tail Grubs-White Ice with catching these 14-18″ Northerns and a few babies who are half the size of each bait. However stil yet to get our monster.

There is a couple of YouTube anglers I follow who hunt these preditors in the UK. The technique they use is purchasing some canned sardines/herring and building custom spawning sacks out of mesh netting, using extremely big durable hooks, no less than 20 lbs test and the tension set up for the perfect retrieve. They would catch 2-5 pike over 30 inches, anywhere from 10-30 lbs and in only 20-30 mins in between each fish. I wish we could say that we had as much success yesterday as they did.

We used the spawn sacks like we were told had about 4 bites but lost our fish every time. I am sure they were pike as my wife was killing it Rainbow wise 5 ft from me. I believe that next time I am going to work the inlet with bigger sacks and bigger hooks. I think I was catching babies and the bait sack was too much for them to allow me to set a good hook. I also was recently tipped off to try a 4-6″ Pike replica soft bait. We will hit Denver tomorrow and prepare for a pike style weekend at Tarryall Reservoir.

Passing the Feeling

  Almost all anglers find themselves in a bind when it comes to “Catch and Release” of any fish over 3-5 lbs. 80% of all Colorado anglers are using the “Catch and Release” method. However, we are seeing more fish over 5 lbs getting lined on a stringer for mounts and possible consumtion. If you catch a fish that you want to mount or take in a trophy for braggin rights. Its simple, keep your fish in the water as much as possible. You will want to document the fishes length, weight and capture your moment of glory thru photograph, all as fast as you can so you can gentley release one of these beautiful fish back in to their home. This gives more anglers a chance to nab that Colorado trophy everyone is dreaming about. One of our favorite things about angling is that no matter how big or small the fish is, your smile is always bigger as you resort back to that childhood excitement. The feeling you get when you hook into a 3-5 pound fish is unbelievable. It makes you feel on top of the world. So lets keep “Passing the Feeling” and practice safe “Catch and Release” techniques.

Home of the Giants

About a few months ago I was tipped off by one of my angling buddies about how Antero Reservoir was a place that should definitely be visited by myself and the AnglerHunters crew, and very soon. We were aware of the reopening June 5th,2017. However, we have not been too excited to check it out do to it just being reopened.

We arrived on the NorthShore about 6:45 a.m. and by 9 a.m. we had exhausted all of our tackle, we tried about everything and not to our surprise we werent the only ones feeling the slumpy morning. I text my buddy aroudn 10:35 a.m. to let him know that we hadnt had any action all morning. He told me be patient that he knows for fact that this lake is home to some of Colorado’s giant trouts[cutbow,rainbow,cutthroat]. We unpatiently obliged. I after switching up to a bottm rig and trying about 4 powerbaits. we finally had one of our poles reels take off with one hell of a hit. Find out more about what we used and how we caught this 24.5 in 5.5 lbs Cutbow[rainbow x Cutthroat] @

Jackson Lake State Park

Jackson Lake is known for its warm waters that allow for an awesome weekend water skiing, jet skiing and boating. However I recently found out that with the right jigs and spinners this lake can be an awesome place for anglers who dont mind speed boats driving by 40ft of the shoreline. This lake is highly populated with giant common carp and Walleye. It also has both black and whtie crappie, large mouths, fresh water drum, wipper and the channel catfish that lurk in the muddy river inlet.

I decided to try out a 4″ White Spinner that you can purchase for $7 at the Marina and a 4″ Lime Green Lizard Jig on a 1/2oz White Jig head that produced constant action along with some 1-2 lbs Walleye Early Morning and right at sunset.

I worked a 2″ Orange Jig on a 1/2 oz White JigHead for the Crappie and didnt have much luck with Bass as my tackle lacked the tools needed.

You will eventually find yourself with what seems to be a heavy ass rock. As you start to reel and tug on your line thinking you are snagged up on some weeds or a floating log. you will realize that logs dont fight back. 9 times out of 10 you probably hooked into one of these 8-15 pound common carp. They tend to put up a really good fight and if you dont have your line tensions set super light you will probably snap you line and lose you lure or jig. A good tip for these is to let them fight. once you have a good tension set, you have to allow the fish to hit shore atleast 3-5 times before trying to get it off your line. I would highly suggest a large net to assist with any fish you catch out of here. With the water always being stirred up these merky waters offer a surprise with every set hook.


Slack-Weiss Reservoir


This past weekend we packed up the Yamaha Grizzly 550, our fishing gear and headed out to Slack-Weiss Reservoir, just East of Rabbit Ears Pass off HWY 14 and CR11 as if you were headed in towards Seymore Lake. We got on site Thursday afternoon around 1:30 p.m. as you want to arrive earlier than friday to secure one of the 4 Main Camp sites that surround the Lake that is not very big in size but is pretty deep. There is a large food source for these fish to survive on Leeches, Mosquitos, flies, water beetles, dragon flies and the large number of minnows and fresh water shrimp keep this lake producing some very nice 0.5-2.5 lbs rainbows. There are rumored to be some 5-8 pound monsters that have been seen shoreline before a line snaps.

We kept all these factors in mind while choosing our tackle before heading out to our local fishing supplier. We decied to go with some Pink Fresh Shrimp Marshmallows with Berkleys Pink Lavrve artifical worms which proved to be very effective our first day landing close to 9 fish off 3 poles from 2-8pm. At that time we switched it up to half a night crawler injected with fresh shrimp oils that we put in our worm blowers and a pink mallow on a no.6 eagleclaw hook for evening. We had a few bites through out the night and managed to catch 3 pan size Rainbows.

The following day we caught rainbows really thick and averaging around 9-15in long. These fish were really a good time catching as they seem to put up a fight harder than the bigger boys, who tend to hit the bait soft and just sit there or slowly head towards shore. We had steady action all day and my father ended up taking home a 2.5 lbs rainbow which topped the 5 1-1.5lbs we caught. This lake is definitely a gem and if you can handle the weather, bears and ATV riders thrashing up the roads all day, I’d say it worth a trip.

Tarryall Reservoir: Northern Pike

Tarryall Reservoir was just stocked for the last time this year, July 18th, 2017. This is going to help them Northern Pike that have been showing great action all year get a little bigger be for Ice season. Anything White for Pike has been showing great this year. I have used spinners with a 1\2 oz flasher along with a 3-4″ white jig or 3-4″ Crank and Stickbaits have also proved efficient. I have worked the weeds and inlet early mornings (530am-9am) and an hour before sun sets (4pm-8pm) and have had good success. I have caught nothing over 22″ for Northerns yet. I know I have another opportunity this fall.

Rainbows are always great fun here at this lake. You can catch them all day from boat or shore. The Corn Maiz’  Powerbait is probably your best bet but Crawlers and even some lures like the Blue/Silver Tazmanian Devils the big ones have been working here for me for years. This lake isa good pplace for kids and people just starting off with fishing. It can be more frustrating for them sportmen trying to catch a trophy fish.