Tasmanian Devils Produce

After a month of getting skunked and catching little stock trout. I decided to go out to Antero and try a few new lures. I purchased a few 1/2 oz silver and gold CastMaster lures and a pink/blue (trout pattern) Tazmanian Devil and hit the ice. It was a super warm day out with limited wind. The Ice was very sketch in some places which made me reluctant on fishing the shallows. I decided to post up on the south shore nearest the dam about 15 yards off shore in a good 4-6 ft of water. I drilled 3 holes dead sticking one pole with a 1/16 oz pink head jig with half a wax worm and drenched in Shrimp Lunker. The second a tip up rigged with sucker meat. My last pole I set up with a (pink/blue trout) Tazmanian Devil. I worked my Devil using a few different jig patterns from 8am-230pm, with a few sightings but nothing interested. After feeling the defeat set in, I decided to give it a few more hours as we had a 3/4 moon the night before I figured the fish would hit that 230-3pm hot spot. Not even 10 minutes after 2pm I caught a glimps of what I knew to be atleast a 3-4 lb Cutbow circling my lure. I slowed down my retrieve to a steady bob and as soon as this Cutbow went nose to lure, I instantly set hook. After a good 5-8 minute fight with a broken tipped rod I was able to get this Colorado trophy 5 lb 22 in Cutbow otu of the ice. I worked fast and gently to pose for a photo with this girl and safely get her back threw the ice into her home for the next angler to attempt to catch. The feel was amazing I was able to also get a 3 lb 18 in cutbow this day. The Tazmanian Devil proved to be a great weapon in the winter as well as summer fishing.


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