Hitting the Ice

This year has been a frustrating one to date. We havent had much to report on other then the abnormally warm weather we are having up in the high country of Colorado. The warmer weather could be having a high impact on the way the fish have been acting. We have hit a few lakes here in Park County (11 Mile, Antero and Tarryall), we have tried all the tiny ice jigs and tackle we have had success with in prior years. Trip after trip we would get fish interested in our baits, they would swin around and stalk them, with an occasional bump and go, not much more action than that. No strikes daily would leave us walking away in frustration as we watch trophy fish lurking our holes but nothing to show for.

We were fishing 2 times a week, bouncing from lake to lake with the same outcome. We finally were able to narrow our bait and lure searches down to 3 top baits that finally put fish on our lines. The temperature plays a big factor as to how the activity is while on the Ice. Noise and light disapline are also all key factors. We decided on many nights to stay until after dark and really tried push the limits of our fishing spots while on a empty lake opposed to the weekend mad house that Antero Reservior has been attracting every weekend this last year. Not to blame the fish that are being pulled out of there at record size and numbers. Attracting anglers from all over the world to try and catch that 6-12 pound fish that is rumored to be calling this lake home. We hope that most anglers are practicing safe catch and release methods to insure the fishing in Colorado remains an Anglers Dream Spot.

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