Catch and Release

After a whole year of hunting Colorado lakes and reservoirs for the montsers we hear about thru local fish tales. We finally narrowed in on Antero Reservoir after a good tip from a reliable angling buddy.I gave in and decided to fish this lake for the first time Aup 9th, 2017 after its grand opening June 5th, 2017. My sons and I were skunked for 4.5 hours before we landed us a great 24.5 inch 5.5 lbs cuttbow trophy trout.

Since, I have been going back with different family members who dont believe the hype or that we are pulling in fish on an average of 3-5 lbs. I took my father up and he landed him 2 4.5 lbs Cutbows, my wife got her a 3 lb cutbow and then I took my cousin Brandon recently who caught this 22.5″ 6lbs Cutbow. when we were there, I noticed that we weren’t the only group of anglers that were hot on the tip. In the last 3 weeks I have seen more and more 5+ lbs fish being kept on the stringer like a bunch of stockers. Now. If you eat what you catch and you are using it for healthier eatting and as a way to provide for your family, this doesnt apply to you. If you are catching these beautiful fish and taking them home and letting them sit in your freezers for years, have no intentions of mounting or usign the fish for anything positive. CATCH AND RELEASE!

This is a great way for anglers to insure that we preserve our lakes and reservoirs for generations to come. With rumors of fish reaching the 10+ lbs range I believe if we practice better “catch and release” techniques we can insure the growth of these fish. We will also be able to “pass the feeling” as i wrote about in previous blogs. So please if you care about the preservation of Colorado’s Fish and Wildlife, help out and do your part to educate fellow anglers not using good techiques.


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