Tarryall Still Producing

 I have been working this lake for about a year now. I have caught pike hear and there from the 10-15 inch range. I have had success with white stick-baits, jigs and now spinners. I picked up these spinners after investigating an anglers YouTube page and seeing the success that he has had. These run anywhere from 1.00-7.00$ for a decent spinner. You want to make sure that the strings are long enough and it has a decent size flasher [double flashers work too] for better action.

 I have worked about every part of this lake from the deeps to the shallows. I have had the most action on the west side of the lake, last camp ground south of the inlet along the rockbed. 20-50 ft out is a nice grass bed with lots of cover for these northerns to hang out in and stalk prey. This also being the most active shoreline for trout make it even more believable that the pike love to be in this area as well. The best times we have noticed is early morning fishing while the sun is coming up and the late evening an hour or two before sun down. I know that if there is pike this size in this reservoir then the chances of catching a throphy like the fly anlger that landed him a 47″ 30lb pike out of here a month ago, is alot higher. However never seen the picture, os only rumored at this point.


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