Green Moutain’s Pike Problem

After a few months of targeting Northerns at Tarryall Reservoir, a smaller lake, to see what these picky bastards are hitting. Trying everything to include SavageGear’s 3D Ducks/Rats, Spinners, Chatter baits and even the good ol fashioned crawler. Finally tuned in on the smaller pike, who were hitting off the white 4″ Spinners and white spinner with chatter rattles. So we planned a day trip and loaded up the family.

Once on the lake at Green Mountain we had high hopes with all the hype we have been hearing about the over population of notherns. The Colorado Division of Wildlife is paying $20 a pike to have these beauties removed from the reservoir. So we got busy, we worked about every patch of grass, coves and points the lake had to offer. Had a little action on the south inlet opposite of the dam west side on the river bend, lots of 12 inch followers but no strikes. Lots of Anglers including myself do not understand that the Northerns are sportfish and as aggressive as they are, they are smart and very hard to catch. I wont count this lake out, I saw a bunch of pike minnows along the west boat ramp and on the south part of the inlet. If there are babies their are pike. We also baited up and attempted to fish for trout, as I like to have a trout line close to where I am working pike lures. If there are pan fish activity chances are there is a bunch of northerns hunting near by. I will be venturing out a few more times before snow and will keep you posted.


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