Educate the Youth #edukatetheyouth

 My almost 4yr old daughter has blown my mind this past year along with my other 3 children with their ability to understand and work together to become some pretty legitimate Colorado Angler’s.  We were fishing Dillon Lake last August, I was working a bubble and fly rig for hours with nothing to show for.  As a mask for my frustration I asked my little girl if she wants to reel my line in and you wouldnt believe it but she was able to nab her a little 5in rainbow. Since that day anytime I have a fish on she grabs the net, or if our ringer bells go off she is one of the first on site to grab the pole and set the hook. She instinctively walks the shore with her catch to insure it doest get off. She has now caught fish in the 12-20″ range her biggest was a 2lb Rainbow out of Slack-Weiss Resevoir.  At first site, you can

 see how she was blown away with the size fish she just retrieved. I am very excited to see her develope more as the years go on I will progress her into one of Colorados best Anglers.


Her older brother Gabriel, 9 yrs old who suffers from Intellectual Disabilities [mental retardation] has also set the bar high as a youth angler. When we first tried to let him work the reel, he would just hold it and act like he was reeling, partly cause he had not very good motor skills. This quickly changed. With patients and him seeing his little sister getting fish to shore he started to push himself more and eventually landed him a good size rainbow out of Tarryall Reservoir last August as well. I was hoping that him feeling the fish fight and lossing them he would eventually figure it out like any angler, after his first catch to see the sense of accomplishment on his face was priceless and thanks to fishing he now has a release and a way to live in this world without judgement and complete freedom. Gabriel has learned to sit patiently by his reel until he sees a strike and will also set the hook apon retrieve and has also grown to be one of my favorite Colorado youth Anglers.

One of the things that I find about fishing as a family team is it builds trust, sense of accomplishment, bonding and most importantly time spent with eachother. Most families don’t have as much time as they might need to spend with the family. So the next weekend you are bummin around the house the kids have their faces buried in the IPADs n video games. Load up and head to the closest lake and figure out how to catch fish together.


1- google what kind of fish are in the lake of your choice [city lakes are no exception].

2- google the top baits for your fish [night crawlers usually do the trick]

3-YouTube!!!! look it up and show your family how to provide. Catch fish together, cut and prep fish together, sit down and enjoy the fish as a family and store it away as another awesome day and memory with eachother.

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